New York City Hedge Fund Accounting

Hedge Fund Tax Services

hedge fund tax services New York CityAt Haque CPA, we’re fluent in IRS tax regulations for alternative investments and use this knowledge to minimize tax exposure for our hedge fund clients. We manage tax liabilities for investors, create tax-efficient transactions, and ensure your fund maintains compliance with all tax laws for reporting on domestic and foreign investments. We offer tax advisory services you can trust in conjunction with inventive strategies that are consistent with industry best practices. You can count on our professional advice and expertise to help you get the most out of your investments.

Learn more about our hedge fund tax planning and preparation services by calling us at 212-880-2617 today. We’ll arrange for a complimentary consultation to explain how we can identify tax-saving opportunities for your hedge fund and your investors.

Our fund tax planning and preparation services include:

  • Tax consulting and analysis
  • Strategic tax planning for alternative investments
  • Organizational structuring
  • Preparation of Federal and State fund tax returns
  • Preparation of Federal and State K-1s for investors

Year-end tax planning:

  • Wash sale calculation
  • Constructive sale calculation
  • Straddles analysis
  • Foreign currency analysis
  • Stock options
  • Corporate bonds
  • Market discount
  • OID (Original Issue Discount)

Tax withholding for foreign partners:

  • Complex IRS reporting of foreign investments
  • FDAP (Fixed, Determinable, Annual Payments) withholding
  • ECI (Effectively Connected Income) withholding
  • FIRPTA (Real Property) withholding